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candy_claims's Journal

Candy Claims!
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Are crazy about candy? Obsessed with one certain candy? Then you have stumbled upon the best candy claiming there could ever be. Read the rules to find out more!

¤The Rules¤

1. Always make sure that the candy you have claimed was not claimed before you. Check the claims list and the entries after it.
2. Your claim can be either suckers, candy bars, ect. Be specific and please put the maker of the candy and the color. If you don't know the maker and only the name, please make sure to put the color of the one you want.
3. You may earn more claims by making banners or icons for the community or winning a contest. For now, you can only have one claim.
4. If you try and stake two claims, then your post will be ignored. Please read the rules!
5. Please do not spam the community with entries about other communities unless it has something to do with this community. If you do, I will delete your post.


Just hit the join button and you're in. Remember to check the claims list and have fun!

¤Claims List¤
Updated Claims List // 3.23.04

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